Korpi ForRest at SHIFT 2020

We are very excited to be a part of SHIFT this year! SHIFT Business Webstival 2020 brings together business leaders and developers to celebrate intelligent business 2728 October 2020. The program zooms into different aspects and building-stones of intelligent business, which is sustainable, profitable, technology-oriented and future-ready. Korpi ForRest is going to have our very own room in the festival venue where you can experience a virtual forest break from the comfort of your own home – just like the rest of this event.

Since we are in the middle of a global pandemic, this event like many others had to move online. But this really doesn’t take away from the event, in fact we think SHIFT might even more interesting this year because of how it is organized! The webstival is 100% virtual production and thus accessible from all around the globe and the venue takes your online networking to the next level. Visitors move in the virtual world as avatars, which gives a genuine feeling of togetherness, unlike any traditional webinar. There’s a real sense of space that helps you interact naturally with other attendees. This really is the future of business networking and we can’t wait to test it out.

Quote from a partner 

”Accessing the virtual SHIFT venue for the first time was a full experience. I was able to walk side by side with someone while speaking to them, bumped into some business acquaintances by accident, and even danced with my colleague. I have been working remotely for seven months and none of these things have existed for me since March!

The virtual SHIFT venue enabled me to interact with others in a way that hasn’t been possible in 2020. It’s a place where you meet people virtually yet actually.” says Anna-Kaisa Berisha, who will join SHIFT as a showcasing partner at the virtual expo hall.

Sounds awesome, right? We certainly think so. And this is event especially interesting for the team at Korpi ForRest, because one of the ways we could possibly implement our forest break product is remotely in digital venues. So we are looking forward to hearing feedback from the visitors at SHIFT!

Come join us at SHIFT 2020 virtually, yet actually.


The whole program: https://theshift.fi/program-2020/ 

Get to know the virtual venue:  https://theshift.fi/venue-2 

Tickets: https://theshift.fi/tickets/


Did you know that people are dying in work?

More than 2000 Japanese people killed themselves due to work-related stress in the year to March 2016, according to the government, while dozens of other victims died from heart attacks, strokes and other conditions brought on by spending too much time at work. The word Karoshi (過労死, Karōshi) was created specifically for this issue. The word, which can be translated literally as ”overwork death”, means occupational sudden mortality. The major causes of karoshi deaths are due to stress. The problem is that long working hours are not just a phenomenon in Japan, but all over the world. Jeffrey Pfeffer, a professor at Stanford university, says people are dying because of their jobs. According to professor Pfeiffer’s research, 61 percent of American workers believe that work stress is the cause of their illness.

Our brain operates like a muscle — meaning that, just like your biceps, it can get worn out and fatigued if you use it too much, and it needs rest in order to recover. Everybody is familiar with the saying “Even God rested on the seventh day.” For centuries, humans have understood that rest is fundamental to success, health, and happiness. But over the past few decades, with the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, the pressure has been piling up and more and more workers are skipping their day of rest in exchange for more hours at the office. 

Today, we are happy to see that companies are starting to understand the importance of employee health and wellbeing for the performance and success of their business. It has now become a common employee benefit to offer an onsite fitness center or a gym reimbursement. But companies still don’t spend enough time coaching employees about the importance of rest. The existing ways of rest in the company are often no more than offering a break room or providing some refreshments like snacks and beverages. The effect is limited and mainly physical. Employees are still in the busy CBD, and can’t pull themselves away from the depressing workspace.

Imagine you are going through an unproductive workday, sitting in your cubicle for five hours straight typing on a computer screen. Don’t you ever have that desire to rush out of the office, out of the busy city centre and into the forest without looking back? This is reasonable, and more and more evidence suggests that walking in nature can be effective in relieving stress and reducing the risk of mental illness. Also, the color green you can see everywhere in a forest is considered the most relaxing color, agreed by designers, psychologists, feng shui practitioners and advertising designers. Research shows that green can make us feel calm, balanced and emotionally stable. 

This is why Korpi ForRest exists. Korpi ForRest can provide a 1-6-month project that monitors staff stress levels and well-being while utilizing our virtual forest break service. We use a digital audiovisual forest experience that works as a preventive and restorative break solution during the working day. 

– Ruyi  Xu


PODCAST: Minna Huotilainen

Aivotutkija ja professori Minna Huotilainen kertoo tässä mielenkiintoisessa podcastissa luonnon ja taukojen merkittävästä vaikutuksesta meidän kognitiiviseen palautumiseemme. Laita siis kuulokkeet korvaan ja kuuntele vaikka taukojen lomassa kun Minna jakaa ajatuksia siitä, miten meidän ihmisten aivot reagoivat kuormitukseen ja miten ne ovat kehittyneet (tai olleet kehittymättä) vuosisatojen ajan. Hän myös muistuttaa luonnon ja musiikin voimasta kognitiiviseen hyvinvointiimme. 

Minnaa haastattelee harjoittelijamme Melissa Welander Projekti Ässien projektiosaamiskurssilta. 

Kuuntele täällä!

Give the Forest a Chance!

I am sitting crouched by my desk, with ten different tabs on my computer. My brain is fried by the excessive information that my studies and work require. Oh, did I tell you what I do? I am going to be a nurse, while I also work at a retirement home and finish my master’s degree in English. During some days, my brain is like a store that ordered 2000 liters of milk instead of the 200 liters – laws of nature come against you at some point. Or if I actually manage to fit the 2000 liters of milk into my brain, it surely does not stick, instead the milk leaks out of my ears immediately. And that is the reality for many of today’s employees and students – oversupply of information.

Therefore, I was especially interested in working with the three bald guys of Korpi ForRest. They try to create a balanced mental well-being to work environments by using Finnish forest as a way to generate recovering breaks. As science has proved, forest offers many health benefits (see for example Payne and Delphinus 2019; Lee et al. 2014; Shin et al. 2010). And let’s be honest, many of us, me as well, spend our breaks with our phones, giving our brain an overflow of stimulus all the time. Of course, sometimes, during a break, after having a great moment of being spit on by a patient, I certainly do not feel like trying to find my inner zen in a virtual forest. At that moment, I will open my phone and look at funny memes about my future profession to relieve the stress, but in general, I certainly could switch some of my phone concentrated breaks to a soothing forest environment.

For me forest means serenity. I basically grew up in the middle of a forest, and for example the smell of logs calms my nerves. And I know that now if you, yes you, on the other side of the screen, are a dyed-in-the-wool city dweller, you might see this as a first-class craziness. But give the forest a chance! I learned to appreciate the city buzz, perhaps forest can offer a few tranquil colors to your life. All in all, I am eagerly waiting to see what Korpi ForRest can develop with future technology – visual effects, senses, sounds and smells!

– Pauliina Rinne


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Payne, M. and Delphinus, E. The most natural of natural therapies: A review of the health benefits derived from Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing). Advances in Integrative Medicine 6, Supplement 1 (2019). https://doi.org/10.1016/j.aimed.2019.03.316.

Shin, W.S., Yeoun, P.S., Yoo, R.W. and Shin, C.S. Forest experience and psychological health benefits: the state of the art and future prospect in Korea. Environmental Health Preventive Medicine 15, 38 (2010). https://doi.org/10.1007/s12199-009-0114-9.